About Us




Since 1982 Drent Techniek has developed itself from special chemical wholesaler to an allround supplier of equipment for metal surface treatment. From tailor made fully automated production lines to stand-alone laboratory tanks and all required items, equipment, machinery and automation in between, Drent Techniek supplies at your disposal.

With solid roots in the electro plating industry Mr. Drent Sr. started his own import company for special chemicals used in the electro plating industry, back in 1982. Within the following years he supplied various hardware items to his customers, resulting in building the first automated production line in 1989. Ever since Drent Techniek has build over 100 productions lines world wide in various industries. A specialty was developed in the aviation and aerospace industry.

In times of ongoing economic and technical development it’s important to continuously improve your production process to keep up with the latest standards. New processes are being discovered and current processes are being optimized, production methods are being improved, in short, overall innovation is a daily business.

Drent Techniek is an innovative company. With over 30 years of experience we are specialized in designing, engineering, producing, installing and maintenance of galvanizing installations. From a wide variety of single process baths or tanks to fully equipped (multiple) process lines, water purification systems, filter pumps, air-treatment systems, drying installations, loading and docking stations, process automation, heating and cooling installations, measurement instruments, piping etc.

During engineering, production, installation and maintenance we work in close partnership with our clients, to achieve a full client satisfaction in both production and output quality.